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The Flightline & Alert Pad

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MigalleyNL.gif (4296 bytes) "... I was the Alert Duty Officer and it was a rat-race; 30 scrambles."
PadreadNL.gif (4361 bytes) "There weren't any scrambles all day and it was pretty dull."
ScrambleNL.gif (3250 bytes) "Out we went, four clean birds with only two guns loaded."
NEW, 6-2011 "There were several encounters with Mig's while I was in Korea..."
MoonSuitNL.jpg (3210 bytes) Sabre pilot wearing survival suit.
Lt. William J. Starr and "Red Bug II"
WSPortraitNL.gif (4585 bytes) "They... even went so far as to ask me to pose by the plane for some pictures."
PadTNL.gif (5257 bytes) "...another animosity on the pad is born."
Pad3NL.gif (3616 bytes) "...we had more than our share of incidents and near accidents."
F86grndNL.gif (4355 bytes) "We sat there for 2 1/2 hours..."
HarpoonNL.gif (3140 bytes) F-86's on the runway
SunriseNL.gif (3569 bytes) Sunrise on the pad
Snowy1NL.gif (3103 bytes) Winter at K-14
GoonybrdNL.gif (4691 bytes) "...there was a strange Gooney Bird on the field."
C124NL.gif (3254 bytes) C-124 transport unloading at K-55