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The Officers' Club
& related photos.

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SwigallyNL.gif (4253 bytes) "...it wasn't long before the fun began in earnest."
Sing1NL.gif (6767 bytes) "... we managed to liven up the breaks with a little singing."
K14barB&WNL.gif (4251 bytes) O'club at K-14
BarSignsNL.gif (3594 bytes) The signs over the bar at K-14 Officer's Club
K14lounge1NL.gif (4507 bytes) Pilot's Lounge at K-14
AnnexNL.gif (4084 bytes) Pilot's lounge annex at K-14
OclubK55NL.gif (4931 bytes) Officer's club at K-55
DancerNL.gif (4506 bytes) "I haven't been to the Sabre Dancer in quite a while."
Beer2NL.gif (4634 bytes) "R&R"
Beer1NL.gif (4913 bytes) Japanese beer hall