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Misc Photos

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KimpoNL.jpg (4362 bytes) Kimpo air base today; Kimpo International Airport
RocketeersNL.gif (3913 bytes) Rocketeers squadron portrait
Sing4NL.gif (4935 bytes) "I am glad that I have copies of some of the songs that I heard at the first part of my stay here."
336thOpsInt2NL.jpg (3450 bytes) Sabre Pilots at 336th Op's
Softblnl.gif (4964 bytes) "This afternoon we had a softball game against the 334th..."
SturdleyNL.gif (3862 bytes) Sturdley
F86CPNL.gif (4128 bytes) F-86 instrument panel
ragNL.gif (3958 bytes) "...it's always the one that gets away."
86gunsNL.gif (4793 bytes) "...it wasn't long before I had qualified as a sharpshooter."
USMCHeloNL.jpg (2604 bytes) USMC Helicopter at 5th AF gunnery meet.
RB45BigBoyNL.jpg (3066 bytes) RB-45 Reconnaissance jet taking off from K-14.
SnowballsNL.gif (5274 bytes) "He is always right in there with the pilots in the squadron -- whether it be in the air, or in a snowball fight, or in the club having a party."
TheWitchNL.gif (3715 bytes) The "Witch's Tit" at K-14
MessNL.gif (4052 bytes) Officer's mess at K-14
336opsNL.gif (4182 bytes) 336th Operations building
EdwardSmithNL.jpg (2540 bytes) Pilot reading at the alert shack
AlertshackNL.gif (4633 bytes) Playing cards in the alert shack