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"This afternoon we had a softball game against the 334th..."
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May 31, 1954:

"This afternoon we had a softball game against the 334th, which we lost despite a great 6 run rally to tie the score in the first of the seventh."

July 14:

"There was a softball game between the 34th and us.   It was the first game in the play-off for the base championship.  Hall, Britton and I went up to the club and got some beer before we went down and watched.   The game was a mess.  We would up winning by a 32-2 margin.  The game was called at the end of the fifth inning because we were so far ahead."

July 15:

"Tonight the 336th played the 606th AC&W in a softball playoff.  It was a good game.  The score was tied 0-0 right down to the last half of the sixth.  Then we made a couple of bobbles and the 606th got 2 runs.   We had a chance to get back in the game in the seventh, but we went out 1-2-3.   So now we are out of the running."

- Lt. William Starr

Notes on the slide:

"Softball game between 335 & 336. K-14, June '54"