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"Fly, eat and sleep."

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"It sure has been hot the last few days.  All the crew chiefs are going around without shirts on, and are getting great sun tans.  Every time we fly, we come down soaked clear through our flight suits (beneath) where our Mae Wests and G-suits have been. I really mean soaked through, too.

When we get through in the afternoon we all head to the club where we replace some of the fluid that we lost during the day.  That first beer in the afternoon is the finest tasting thing I have ever had.  For that matter, the next two or three aren't so bad either.

The hot weather is affecting me in the old way, though.  When I get through for the day I am ready to hit the sack.  I haven't been to a movie at the club in quite a while now.  I just have a beer at the club before I eat, and come on back to the room and sack out.  It reminds me of the life I used to lead when I was at Nellis; fly, eat and sleep."

Lt. Wm. Starr
June 22, 1954

Notes on the slide:

"Myself, K-14, April 54"

Webmaster note: I still have the painting you see hanging above my dad's head.  After returning from Korea, he had it framed.  His inscription on the back explains that he had bought the painting in Korea, in keeping with the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing's motto "Every Man a Tiger".