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"... we managed to liven up the breaks with a little singing."
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"The party for John last night was a great success.  We had free drinks in the club for two hours before supper, which got every one off to a good start.  After chow, they showed the movie Sadie Thompson.  It wasn't much of a movie, but no one cared.  The projector broke down several times as usual, but we managed to liven up the breaks with a little singing.  

Kosko was even talked into singing his "Strawberry Roan" during one of the breaks.  I'll have to try and get hold of the words to that.  After the movie, the 336th gathered at one table and got down to a little serious drinking.  McConnell hooked up the PA system and he and Miller entertained the bunch with some very amusing "singing".  There was one rather serious moment during the evening when we all stood and sang Auld Lang Syne for John.  I think that it meant something to all of us there, and it seemed to touch John, too.  We meant it, I'm sure."

Lt. Wm. Starr
June 6, 1954

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