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"...I went on down to the line to see if I could snivel a ride."
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Two US Air Force F-86 sabre jets in flight, circa 1954, with good detail on aircraft nose art, squadron insignia. Below is described, in fighter jock jargon, a mock jet fighter dogfight. NOTE records on Joe Baugher's serial database indicate the pictured F-86 number 24780 "(2)4780 (4th FIW< 336th FIS) crashed in Korea, 1957. Pilot killed." (not the pilot pictured here in 1954, who I've spoken to in recent years! - js)


"At about 10:00 the weather began to look up and I went on down to the line to see if I could snivel a ride.  I managed to get one and went up flying singly as number three on Baskett and Chapman.

We went up to 46,000 and had it out with Pike flight from the 335th.  Joe Mozell claims that he hacked me but I tend to to take it with a grain of salt.  He was mighty far out and I was turning pretty well.  I managed to pull him into a position where Baskett could get on him, too. 

Later this afternoon, I went up as number three with Col. Miner leading and Richards as two and Higgins as four.  We had a pretty good time.  Barnes tried to get on us but didn't get very far, and he almost got shot down himself."

Lt. Wm. Starr
June 21, 1954

Notes on the slide:

"Price and Hall over Korea, returning from Johnson, July '54"