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1/Lt. William Starr flying his assigned USAF F-100D Super Sabre (SN 56-3150) over the Pacific Ocean, during Operation Mobile Zebra, November-December 1957, with the 386th Fighter Bomber Squadron (later re-designated 522nd Tactical Fighter Squadron). Click here to see more information about Operation Mobile Zebra.


The below web reference, as well as the book "F-100 Super Sabre Units of the Vietnam War" (By Peter Davies, Rolando Ugolini, Osprey Publishing) indicates that this aircraft was lost on March 2, 1965 while operating out of Takhli air base in Thailand. The pilot, Lt. J.A. Cullen with the 428th TFS, was hit while making a second pass on a Vietnamese anti aircraft artilary emplacemet. Lt. Cullen safely ejected over the ocean. Another F-100 lost that same day resulted in the taking of the first USAF pilot, 1 Lt. Hayden Lockhart of the 613th TFS, as a POW in the Vietnam war.

This UK website has some information on it if you search the serial number on this page: http://www.ejection-history.org.uk/project/year_pages/1965.htm