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I've tried to design this site so that it looks & works well with any browser, but I've noticed that it looks best with Netscape.  Please do report any difficulties you are having.

Best settings:

  • Monitor/video card: 800x600, True Color, 16bit or higher
  • Uncompressed graphics
  • FONT: Arial, SIZE: Small to medium (12 point)

Minimum acceptable settings:

  • Monitor/video card: 640x480, 256 color (8bit)
  • Uncompressed graphics
  • FONT: Arial, SIZE: Small to medium (12 point)

IMPORTANT: never set your browser to display "compressed graphics" (AOL users this means you guys and gals!)  This will make the images appear very blurry and washed out!  Treat these superb Kodachrome slides with respect; you'll be glad you did.

Q: "I can't view any of your website's photos. I see blank pages. What's up?"

A: Be patient; your browser may not show images until after all images have finished loading. If possible, set your browser to view images as they download.  I've noticed that Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL browsers display images only after they have fully loaded -- unlike other browsers, like Netscape, which show you the image while it downloads.   In the case of the former, this can give the false impression of viewing a blank page, a frustrating illusion enhanced by slow modem speeds or congested web traffic. 

To help guard against this false impression, MS Internet Explorer users: go to the "Tools" pull down, select "Internet Options", then click on the "Advanced" tab.  Scroll down to, and select "show image download placeholders". This at least puts a marker on pages showing where images will appear, and what the file name is.  You should also take note of your status bar in the lower portion of your browser, which shows progress of image loads.


This site is sized to fit the old standard of 640x480 with minimal horizontal scanning required.  However, things still look much better if you set your monitor to 800x600.  (However, if you want the photos to appear larger, set your monitor to 640x480)

Monitor brightness varies per model, age and condition.  If pictures appear washed-out or too dark, adjust your brightness and/or contrast settings.

Avoid operating your browser with oversize or extra large font settings, as this can distort page formatting and degrade the site's aesthetics.

Netscape users can use the "ctrl" and bracket keys to increase and decrease display font sizes on the fly:

Ctrl + ]   increases font size
Ctrl + [   decreases font size

If you are experiencing problems viewing this site, please contact me and tell me what the problem is.