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Squadron & Wing Websites
Updated 7-2012

8th Fighter Bomber Group

13th Bomber Squadron
The U.S. Air Force's famous B-26 Light Bomber Squadron of the Korean War.

The 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron in Korea,
Youtube tribute, photos from 1953 (K-13 Air Base). Lots of great photos!

80th Fighter Squadron
History of this squadron.

Fourth Fighter Group
Great site about the 4th in WWII.

How It Was: Kunsan Airbase, Korea
Extensive historical information about Korean airbase K-8, before, during and after the Korean war.

45th Tac Recon squadron

K-14 Tac Recon reunion/info
Home to the 11th, 12th, and 6166th TAC Reconnaissance squadrons. (These guys were at K-14, Kimpo air base also -- webmaster)

Seymoure Johnson AFB
Home of the modern day 4th FW and 336th Fighter Squadron, the Rocketeers.

Associations & Organizations

F-86 Sabre Pilots Association
These guys actually flew 'em.

Korea Defense Veterans Alliance
An organization of former and current U.S. Armed Forces members recognizing those deployed to Korea after the cease-fire agreement.

The Sabre Pilots Association of the Air Division Squadrons (SPAADS) is made up of pilots who flew the F-86 Sabre with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) squadrons in Europe with NATO from 1951 to 1963.  Some of these guys flew the Sabre with the USAF in Korea.


About the F-86 Sabre jet
Everything you ever wanted to know about the F-86, and much, much more.  Great reading for Sabre fans & Korean air war buffs.  From the files of Joe Baugher.

Sweet Rose
A nice memorial website with good photos from, among other air bases, Kimpo Korea, circa 1954, taken by an F-86 crew chief Walter Yocum. Website created by his son Eric.

Duncan's F-86 Sabre Website
Great place to go for information about the F-86 Sabrejet. Squadron information, modeling information, F-86 Sabre survivor database and much more.

Joe Baugher's Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft

Joe Baugher's home page
Website for avery dedicated aviation historian. Serial numbers and articles galore.

Kimpo Air Base Recollections
"The following is a summation of my recollections of the Korean War while stationed at Kimpo Air Force Base.  I was assigned as a radio man to the 45th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron a photo reconnaissance squadron."

The Question Mark
Nice homepage with photos of the author's father and his Korean war era B-26 "The Question Mark".

Korean War

The Forgotten Victory
The Korean War Veterans National Museum & Library Web Site.  Tuscola, Illinois USA.

The Korean War Project
Excellent site, important project. Reuniting veterans, families & friends while keeping alive the memory of the forgotten war.  Huge name, unit, KIA, MIA database.   KWP needs your support to stay online.

Korean War History Gallery
at the US Air Force Museum website

US Forces Korea
Our presence in Korea today.


National Air & Space Museum

US Air Force Museum
Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio

Balladeers & Songs

Cloudbusters collection of aviation songs

Contemporary Fighter Pilot Songs

Dick Jonas' Military Aviation Songs

Oscar Brand's Website
Years ago he gave us aviation buffs his famous Air Force ballad albums (see "Out of the Blue").  Today, this great Folk Singer still performing & recording.

Misc. Aviation

Great resource for learning about American aces of WWII.  Includes a new section for Korean war aces.

Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine
Great magazine, great website.

Nice subscription aviation website

Globemaster military aviation database

Historic Wings
Superb website about historic aircraft.

Planes of Fame
The planes, the museum, the website.

Skeet Vaughan's Website
Lots of interesting aviation and space stuff.

Flight Simulation

"Welcome to Abacus. For 22 years we've been bringing you innovative computer software and books.  Our goal continues to be to deliver top quality products to you."

Library of add-on aircraft.

The Captain's Quarters
A nice memorial homepage that includes, among many other things, a collection of military and commercial aircraft re-created for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Dickweed Heavy Bomber Group
"We're the top online squadron, flying WWII airplanes on the internet, 24 hours a day, with live pilots from all over the world."

"Over 28,000 unique add-on files, making this the largest collection of Flight Simulator add-ons on the Web."

Collection of flight sim downloads, brought to you by Abacus.

Fly Away Simulation
"Welcome to Fly Away, one of the most popular Flight Simulation Portals on the web - the next generation of flight simulation news and information sites."

Flight sim "mods" (including Mig Alley modifications, scenery, etc), aviation history and news.

Genuine Jeppesson SIMCharts - flight charts for the PC pilot.

"The most realistic scenery you’ll ever fly" brought to you by PCAviator.com

The International Association For Aerospace Simulations.



"Flight Simulator freeware site containing aircraft, scenery, panels, sounds, adventures, and more."

Scenery Hall of Fame
Flightsim Scenery add-ons (convoluted site navigation, but lots of gems lurking in there)

Aviation Link Collections

Aviation Links page

Joe Baugher's Aviation Links Page
Huge collection!

Misinformation Information

Computer Virus Hoaxes
Symantec's list of known virus hoaxes.

Computer Virus Myths Homepage

James Randi Educational Foundation
Undefeated debunker of psychic and paranormal claims, James Randi is one of the best critical thinkers of our time, and the bane of psychic & supernatural believers & hoaxers. "We may disagree with Randi on certain points, but we ignore him at our peril." -- Carl Sagan

San Fernando Valley Folklore Society Urban Legends Reference Pages
Before you forward that chain letter around the internet, go here to find out whether or not it contains genuine information, or is just another stupid hoax.   This is one of the best sites I've seen for fighting the huge tide of lies, hoaxes and general mis-information sweeping the internet via e-mail.  Join the "inboxer rebellion" and help keep the "information superhighway" clear of mis-information.