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Articles of Interest
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About the Photographer

"I'm not surprised that you have a lot of photos your dad took. I don't think I ever saw him without a camera."

- former 336th pilot


Read articles from the July 16, 1954 2nd Anniversary edition of the JET GAZETTE. Learn about squadron profiles & combat records; base & fighter wing history, and much more.

Off-site reading
Mig-15 defects to K-14

The above link will take you to the Historic Wings website where you can read their article about the first defection of a Soviet Mig fighter to the west.

Out of the Blue

In the late 1950s,  Folksinger & bawdy balladeer Oscar Brand produced his famous Air Force ballad albums. Here's what dad and other US airmen did to help get that project rolling.

Off-site reading
About the F-86 Sabre Jet Fighter

Visit Joe Baugher's website and learn all about this famous fighter jet.  His articles cover both technical & historical aspects, and are extensive, well-researched and  included sources.

The Other Sabre

What does a  modern sport parachute and the F-86 Sabre jet have in common?  Not a lot -- unless you're me.  Included here are several photos & articles about skydiving.