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What's new since:


  • I sometimes get requests for reprints, so I've added a web page that explains what my pricing structure is for this service. The page is linked to the master photo archive pages.


  • I've changed web hosting services, which will hopefully be an improvement from the last host. I've temporarily disabled the automatic submission feature of the Guest Book. I'll design a new one and have it online soon. E-mail your guest book comments to me and I'll manually insert them. Please report any difficulties you are having with any part of the site. Thanks...!





  • Site moved to new Fabulous Rocketeers domain on a test basis.



  • new link: Korea Defense Veterans Alliance
    "Dedicated to U.S. Armed Forces deployed to Korea after 27 July, 1954.  An organization of former and current U.S. Armed Forces members trying to get a rewrite of policy to award a service medal to those deployed to Korea after the cease-fire agreement."




  • I've given the site a minor face lift; new homepage, guest book & photo archive graphic-based banners.  Reminder: for best viewing of this site set your web browser's options for "uncompressed graphics".   I've taken great care to create fast-loading graphics, so surfing my site with your browser set this way should still be a breeze.  For further assistance on how to best view this site, visit the "Browser Settings" page linked here and always in the yellow border at left.



New photos:

   "Beyond K-14" photo section updates:


  • New photo section "Beyond K-14", featuring vintage color photos of various USAF aircraft including the F-100, T-33, T-28, T-6.
  • I recently learned that former Rocketeer Wilbur Leggett died after a long illness.
  • I also recently learned that Lt. Edward Smith, who flew with the 336th from January 1953 to March 1954, was killed in Operation Nighthawk at England AFB, Louisiana after he came back to the states in Aug 1954.  Because he rotated back to the states so early, most of the Rocketeers of the 1954 era may not have known Smith well -- if at all.   However, my father arrived early enough to meet him.  He even managed to take several nice photos of Smith (I've confirmed the identity with a friend of Smith's, and also by records my father kept).  Two of those photos have been on this site for quite a while, and I've since uploaded another.  These photos are linked below.   Click your browser's back button to return here.
    Smith 1 (new photo)
    Smith 2 (that's him in his bird in foreground -- note the 3 telltale red stars on his bird)
    Smith 3  (that's Smith standing next to Hall)


  • For pilots & other visitors who think that parachutes are for emergency use only, I've uploaded several of my sport parachuting photos.  Included with each photo are some FAQs that answer some Frequently Asked Questions about the modern sport of skydiving.  These photos & FAQs can be accessed only on the page "The Other Sabre", which is listed in the articles section.


  • I've added a new section to the photo archives.  Please welcome "Wing/Squadron Collectibles & Memorabilia".  It's basically a place to sub-classify certain items previously found in the "Misc. K-14/Rocketeers" section.
  • I've added new images: a color scan of the 1953/54 4th FIW yearbook cover;  a cartoon from the yearbook which I've included, appropriately, as part of the "FIGMO" glossary entry; and a B&W image (also from the 1954 4th FIW yearbook) which accompanies the "Harmonizing" glossary entry.


  • I'm in the process of upgrading the photos to larger & higher quality JPGs.   The images will also load a bit faster. Many have already been converted.




  • I've scrapped the promised "Japan R&R" section.  Dad took lots of photos during his visits to Japan, but none really depict the typical R&R experience.   Perhaps this is for the better; I understand the typical R&R drill was often a bit too colorful for this site's "PG" rating.  However, I've salvaged three photos from the Japan R&R effort.  These can be found in the Officers' Club section.  They show a Japanese beer hall, and the Sabre Dancer bar.





  • The aviation glossary is now online.  The glossary mostly focuses on terms found at this site, but will eventually be greatly expanded to include other aviation terms.




  • I've created a simple "in memoriam" page listing those of the Rocketeer's squadron, circa '53-54, who have passed away.



  • For those of you who knew dad in the good ol' days and have always wondered how well he aged, I've added one of the last contemporary photos of dad at the end of About The Photographer article.
  • The homepage was getting too cluttered. So I  moved the photo archive categories to a separate page. You can access that page by clicking "Photo Archives" on the home page, and any other page where the vertical links list appears.  This should reduce false hits on my home page hit counter and make navigation a bit simpler, and more logical.


  • The first of several articles from the July 16, 1954 JET GAZETTE are now online. 



  • new photo and journal entry in the Alert/Flightline section showing William Starr posing by his airplane.
  • Homepage left-border hyperlinks now appear on several pages, making navigation a bit easier.
  • This page itself is new.  Anytime I add or remove something, I'll note it here.